Make your finances a powerful relationship enhancer

| February 13, 2017

Couples are often counseled to discuss their finances in order to ensure a happy relationship.  Certainly, money issues can be a significant source of stress in any relationship between spouses, parents and their children or even business partners. 

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Emergency savings for life in the military

| February 6, 2017

Type “emergency savings” into Google, and you’ll find hundreds of articles on the subject that all promote the same general message: you should save and maintain roughly 6 months’ worth of income for unexpected expenses.

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The changing terrain: Military families react to annual pay raise

| July 8, 2016

When it comes to benefits, military families (commissioned officers and senior NCOs in pay grades E-5 and above with household incomes of at least $50,000) unsurprisingly rank basic pay as the most important.

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Four personal finance tips every servicemember should follow

| June 6, 2016

It’s the most basic rule of personal finance: spend less than you earn. Of course, it can seem like everyone’s out to separate you from your hard-earned money, from the luxury purse vendor outside the exchange to the Harley Davidson dealer’s tent packed with salesmen ready to give you a “great” finance rate.

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Servicemember families reining in holiday spending

| December 14, 2015

America’s career military families intend to tighten their belts again this holiday season, making gift spending a major focus of their frugality.

First Command’s annual holiday spending survey reveals that 94 percent of middle-class military families (commissioned officers and senior NCOs in pay grades E-6 and above with household incomes of at least $50,000) plan to cut back this year, statistically unchanged from the past three years.

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Planning ahead for the 2016 tax season

| November 30, 2015

Compared to previous years, 2015 has been relatively quiet regarding tax law changes. Congress saw fit to extend a handful of tax breaks that threatened to expire annually in years past, but there are no significant changes to complicate the tax filing process.

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Prepare for the effects of DoD downsizing and sequestration with emergency savings

| December 15, 2014

Defense downsizing means big changes for America’s career military. As a Financial Advisor for military families, I speak with folks daily who share concerns about what the future holds in terms of career advancement, involuntary separations and changes to benefits.

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Financial concerns prompt military families to trim Thanksgiving plans

| November 3, 2014

Financial uncertainty and concern is prompting a record number of middle-class military families to kick off this year’s holiday spending season with a leaner Thanksgiving celebration.

First Command’s annual Thanksgiving spending survey reveals that 82 percent of middle-class military families say their Thanksgiving plans will change as a result of the current economic situation.

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Servicemembers saving more in face of sequestration concerns

| September 4, 2014

Worries over sequestration and defense downsizing are continuing to drive a savings surge in America’s career military, with those who work with a financial advisor putting away the most dollars for both near- and long-term goals.

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Building your retirement game plan: When should I start taking Social Security? (Part 2 of 5)

| August 13, 2014

As you approach an eligible retirement age, it is increasingly important to fine-tune your financial plan to your specific retirement situation – especially in regards to your Social Security benefits.

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