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Vickie Coleman

Vickie Coleman is Chief Executive Officer of First Command Educational Foundation.

Articles by Vickie Coleman

  • Creating a budget that works for you

    A quick internet search on budgeting will show you just how complex budgeting can seem. With many competing ideas about how you should budget and what your financial priorities should be, deciding how to allocate your monthly income can feel like a daunting task.

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  • Teaching your children financial responsibility: The basics

    It’s never too early to teach your children about finances. And while “finances” may not seem like a word you would usually apply to a child’s allowance, what they learn early on about spending and saving can stay with them for a lifetime.

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  • April is National Financial Literacy Month

    In 2004, the Senate passed Resolution 316 that recognized April as National Financial Literacy Month.  Since then, many organizations have developed programs to promote financial literacy for young persons and adults. 

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  • Am I worthy?

    My innocence of war and death was lost forever one rainy afternoon in 1971 when I was 15. I found my mom in tears — she had just learned that her brother had been seriously wounded in Vietnam.

    Before that day, war was something that was on the news, not something that personally affected me or those I loved.

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  • And the winner is…men and women with a plan

    A number of studies have compared differences between men and women, and many people are proud of their “superiority” when it’s reported their gender can do something better than the other. 

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  • Thank you servicemembers and your families!

    As our nation observes Armed Forces Day this month, First Command Educational Foundation  offers our deepest gratitude to the servicemen and servicewomen who have dedicated themselves, sometimes to the final measure, to this country.

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  • Financial literacy boosts confidence of military families

    The research, conducted as part of the ongoing First Command Financial Behaviors Index, shows that a high level of financial knowledge is associated with feelings of emotional well-being in middle-class military families, reinforcing the value of financial education in the armed forces.

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  • Coming home: Air Force Enlisted Village

    When Audrey’s husband passed away, she was lost, alone and afraid. The couple had been living on his military retirement income and now the one person she could depend on was gone. For Audrey, having little or no income and nobody to turn to for help, her spouse’s death could have marked the beginning of a slow decline into poverty, loneliness and despair. Audrey’s saving grace was her husband’s 26 years of service with the United States Air Force.

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  • Are You Springing Ahead or Falling Behind?

    In March most of us in the U.S. perform the annual rite of setting our clocks ahead an hour for Daylight Savings Time.  Those in favor of DST maintain that it saves energy, encourages us to get outside in the evening, reduces traffic accidents, and is good for business. 

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  • Whose Picture Is On the $1 Bill?

    Whose picture is on the $1 bill? (Hint: we celebrate his birthday this month!)

    You probably didn’t need that hint because you see George Washington’s face on a dollar bill every day. 

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