Career military families pinching pennies for the holidays

| December 19, 2016

First Command’s annual holiday spending survey reveals that military shoppers expect to spend considerably less on gifts than last year.

On average they anticipate spending $1,148, down 30 percent from the $1,625 they estimate having spent last year. Roughly one in three families (37 percent) say they expect to spend less than $500 on gifts.

Military families also expect to cut their gift giving expenses by:

  • Giving fewer gifts per person (30 percent)
  • Setting a maximum amount for gifts (28 percent)
  • Buying gifts at discount stores (25 percent)
  • Giving gifts to fewer people (24 percent)
  • Making gifts (13 percent)

Other ways military families are cutting back for the holidays include spending less on travel (25 percent), decorations (23 percent) and food (13 percent).


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