The changing terrain: Blended retirement system

| November 18, 2016

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) Minutes of the Meeting of the Board Members for the month of September was released on Monday. A portion of the meeting focused on the new military blended retirement system (BRS).

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The changing terrain: Sequestration and shutdown

| November 10, 2016

Exactly three-quarters of military families surveyed in the latest First Command Financial Behaviors Index® are anxious about cuts to defense spending. A slightly smaller amount (72 percent) anticipate being financially affected by cuts.

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Eight ways to save on Thanksgiving spending

| November 8, 2016

With the holiday season upon us, if you haven’t already, now is a good time to make a plan for budgeting your seasonal spending. Creating a workable budget—and sticking to it—is the best way to ensure that you avoid an unwelcome surprise when you open your bank or credit card statement in January.

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The changing terrain: Blended retirement

| November 4, 2016

Early this week the Department of Defense released the Personal Financial Counselor-Educator Course, the second part of a four-part educational program on the new military Blended Retirement System (BRS).

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Military Familiy is Happy They Have Permenent Life Insurance

Military families show strong preference for permanent life insurance

| November 1, 2016

Demand for permanent life insurance continues to grow in America’s career military, where 2/3 of families now report owning this type of coverage and many others say they are likely to join them, according to the latest findings of the First Command Financial Behaviors Index®.

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