Secure mobile banking for servicemembers

| July 9, 2014

As a member of the United States Armed Forces, you probably spend less time than most of us sitting behind a desk or in front of a computer screen, so the convenience of mobile banking can be a major selling point for you. But, along with that convenience, there are some opportunities for fraud and abuse.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of five important tips to consider when using mobile banking:

1.       Password protect your phone. It can be annoying having to put in a pin number or password every time you open your phone. But, it’s better than dealing with the consequences of a stranger having access to so much of your personal and private data.  

 2.       Careful who you respond to. If you receive a text, call or email from an unknown source requesting personal information, do not respond and do not follow any embedded links.  

 3.       Download from trusted sources. Only download apps from trusted sources, such as your bank website or provider’s app store.

 4.       Always install software updates. Software updates often come with important security fixes, which are created in response to proven security concerns.

 5.       Have a back-up plan. Enroll in a backup/wiping program today. It could be a lifesaver if your phone is ever lost or stolen. You would just have to notify your service provider as soon as possible, and once notified, they could remotely back up your phone and wipe it clean.

It’s just as important to protect the personal and private information on your phone as it is your laptop or desktop computer – if not more so – for servicemembers. Generally, the lifestyle of a servicemember will mean your phone will be exposed to a disproportionate number of private and public networks as well as be put at a higher risk of being lost or stolen.

Remember: your phone is a mobile computer, and just like your desktop or laptop, it can be compromised and abused.

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