DoD Sequestration News

This week in DoD sequestration news

| April 25, 2014

Army Force Cuts
After conflicting reports this week, the Army on Wednesday did confirm that approximately 2,000 officers will be laid off. The Army will use involuntary separation boards to cut the force. Although it is relying on retirement and fewer enlistments to help control the numbers, that will not be enough to reduce the force size as needed. Captains and majors are now subject to the cuts, but higher ranking officers may eventually be affected.

Air Force Eliminating Fleets
Air Force General Mark Welsh, speaking to the National Press Club, said Congress needs to let the Air Force retire entire fleets of aircraft. The $20 billion a year cuts have to come from somewhere, and smaller cuts in different areas simply won’t get to that number. Thus the drastic plan to retire the entire fleets of A-10 attack jets and U-2 spy planes. An alternative cut, such as reducing the size (rather than eliminating) of aircraft inventory wouldn’t result in the needed savings, because the remaining logistics and infrastructure spending on these aircraft would still be too large. A straightforward comment from Welsh: “And we could just ground a whole bunch of squadrons today and make it look like last year did on our flight lines, with airplanes parked and nobody flying.”


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