This week in DOD sequestration news

| December 6, 2013

Navy and Air Force
Members from both branches attended an investor conference in New York this week and spoke about the perils of sequestration. I suggest reading a blog post from National Defense Magazine, which I think sums up sequestration perfectly for the armed forces. The post is about Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert’s thoughts on sequestration, who said “hope is dimming fast” and “I’m not very optimistic” about Congress undoing the cuts caused by the sequester. Stating that leaders “deal with it,” if he knew what funding levels were, he could “put together a ready Navy.” Air Force Lieutenant General Charles Davis feels similarly, noting that budget uncertainty is a huge challenge for program managers. He says R&D spending may have to be cut in order to ensure force readiness.

Defense Contractors
Defense contractors want sequestration to end, too. More jobs may be cut if a second round of sequestration goes through. Contractor CEOs warn that sequester is damaging national security, the economy, defense industrial base, technological advantages and R&D.

Budget Talks
The Congressional budget committee headed by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray may be close to agreeing on a plan for federal spending, which would replace the automatic spending cuts called for under sequestration. Part of the negotiations may include increasing federal employees’ contributions to their pensions. As of the publishing of this post, there was still no decision.



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