This week in DOD sequestration news

| November 29, 2013

Air Force
As the Air Force preps to become a smaller force, one of the targets for change are its personnel policies and force management. With uncertainty about what will happen with sequestration, the Air Force will move ahead with changes that will fit into a smaller budget. Planned changes include: Selective Reenlistment Bonus eligibility, enlisted retraining quotas, enlisted and officer promotion rates and some officer accession programs.“

How Sequestration Gets Worse in 2014
A study released by the Center for American Progress, “How Sequestration Gets Worse in 2014” focuses on four factors that CAP believes will make next year’s sequester worse than this year’s: 1) Larger cuts in 2014; 2) Cuts made this year may not have been implemented yet; 3) One-time fixes that lessened the impacts this year cannot be used again, for example Congress’ shifting of funds from non-defense to defense programs; and 4) Cuts were made to “little-noticed but critical functions of government” that will be devastating if not reversed. Study highlights:

  • 800,000 more federal jobs will be lost
  • Economic growth would be reduced by 0.6 percent of GDP
  • National defense, education, research, infrastructure and public safety would be hollowed out
  • DoD shifted $9 billion in its budget this year to meet immediate needs, but those cuts to hiring, training, repairs and purchase of new equipment can’t last
  • National security will be threatened: Ability to conduct one continual combat operation; responding to events around the world; cuts to training, including flying hours; and modernization and infrastructure investments
  • Risk of wasteful spending throughout the government increases because federal investigators and inspectors general budgets have been cut

The report concludes by saying the president and Congress should not accept any budget agreement that allows sequestration to continue for another year.






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