This week in DOD sequestration news

| November 22, 2013

Congress continues on debating whether sequestration should stay or go, what cuts can be taken and what new revenue can be produced. In the meantime, the leaders of the four military branches have testified that sequestration is “devastating the military’s readiness.” Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma calls it “mindless sequestration cuts.” DoD is working on at least two FY15 budget proposals, at least one of which will factor into account sequestration-related cuts. The cuts are affecting the military’s ability to train and retain servicemembers.

Air Force
Acting Secretary Eric Fanning said this week that under sequestration the Air Force will most likely not be able to begin new programs in FY15-FY17. The Air Force, like the other branches, is preparing two separate budget proposals, one to include sequester numbers. He said that under sequestration, the service will cut 550 aircraft and 25,000 personnel. They also would not be able to buy five of the 19 F-35 planned purchases. Finally, he said readiness and retention efforts will suffer.


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